Author Topic: Wartime FN Mauser  (Read 1060 times)

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Wartime FN Mauser
« on: December 07, 2016, 12:19:59 PM »
My father is an avid collector of Mausers. I recently decided to buy one, so I went to him to get his opinion on which variant to buy. He told me he has a rifle that belonged to my grandfather that I could have. I have not physically seen the rifle yet, so I only have a few details. He claims it is a 8mm FN Mauser made during wartime shortly after Germany captured Belgium & subsequently the FN factory. He says it is standard K98 action, not the FN variant, which as I understand is different than the K98 action. If anybody knows anything about this, I would appreciate it. Was FN making K98 Mausers before the war? Like I said, the information I have about this gun is limited at this point. Thanks for any help.


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Re: Wartime FN Mauser
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2016, 08:51:53 PM »
Please post pictures of the rifle when you get it. Please note the Germans did not produce 8mm rifles out of the FN factory after it was captured; however, they did make a lot of parts for Karibiner 98ks that they sent on to other factories who made the rifles (mostly Mauser Oberndorf).

FN did not make K98 Mausers, but made FN rifles that were similar, but in 7.65X53 Caliber.  Some of these rifles found their way into German rear echelon service.