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Model HSC Pistol / Re: Slide lock and feeding issues
« Last post by Warbird on Today at 04:54:18 PM »
OK ... lots going on here.  Your Slide locking issue is probably caused by the Magazine Safety timing or wear.  Hopefully you have an Assembly Drawing, if not I can add it to the Forum post (can't on this message).  So the Magazine Safety is a spring loaded hooked bar on the left side of the Frame toward the rear.  It needs to be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated.  Check that is moves easily and the small spring at the rear of the bar is in place.  The hook at the forward end catches a notch in the Slide when a Magazine is removed (timing).  The Magazine Follower holds the Slide back until it is removed, then the Magazine Safety is supposed to drop in that notch to continue holding it back.

The two issues of the Slide being hard to pull back and the cartridge mis-feeds are both related to the Recoil Spring.  It's probably a replacement that is too strong.  Replace it with the Wolff Recoil Spring and I'm betting both problems go away.

The clear plastic Grips are after-market.  I know what you mean about the milled finish because I have a pair also.  I have attached a PDF file of the HSc Assembly drawing.  Part Numbers 7 and 30 are those I have been discussing.  I think that should do it.  Let me know how you make out.
Model HSC Pistol / Slide lock and feeding issues
« Last post by HSc742 on Today at 03:55:14 PM »
I recently took possession of a family heirloom Kreigsmarine HSc (742869). It hadn’t been fired in 25 yrs so I stripped it down, cleaned and lubed it. When I removed the grips, the additional parts like the trigger bar, disconnector, etc. came loose so I did my best to reassemble everything. I’m having issues with the slide being hard to pull back and not staying locked back. It will lock back with an empty mag inserted, but close when the mag is removed. It will not lock back with the mag out.

I took it to the range to test fire it the other day. I loaded a couple of rounds and inserted the mag with the slide closed, then attempted to manual cycle the slide and load the first round into battery. The round only went halfway into battery but with a gentle wiggle I was able to get it in and the slide closed. The pistol fired perfectly but the second round failed to enter battery on the cycle.I ordered a complete spring set from Wolff as one possible next step but haven’t installed them. In general, should I go ahead and replace all of the springs on the set as a preventative measure or only change them out to solve a specific problem?

Any thoughts on what might be going on here? Any advice would be appreciated!  By the way, my pistol has clear, plastic grips, not the traditional wood ones. They’ve been on there since at least the 1950’s. Any chance those were original or aftermarket? They’re milled to a precise form and fit for the pistol.

Best regards,HSc742
Model HSC Pistol / Re: Stamped 1941 Holster for Mauser HSc
« Last post by donp326 on August 15, 2018, 04:20:57 PM »
Isn't that what he said? Or am I missing something here?

Alan It looked to me he said "Cle"

Vlim I can't type an Umlaut.
C96 / C12 Broomhandle / Re: Cleaned Pistol and now won't cock
« Last post by commisar on August 15, 2018, 12:28:36 PM »
Brantman -I'm also new to this site and also new to C96 mausers..I'm a Luger guy and wanted a new collector challenge.I had the same no-cock issue with my 1921 Bolo and here's what I found to fix it.No-cock suggests a sear/sear spring /hammer linkage engagement issue so I did the research and found the listed gunsmith Jim Green's C96 D/R video. It shows that the top arm of the hammer pivot must slide over the left projection of the sear while inserting the dolls head section into the sear bar. The hammer pivot tang acts as the sear spring so that the hammer can cock.The assembled Bolo now correctly cocks the hammer and the safety action is positive.
video link:
Would also suggest the "A Collector's Guide to Military Pistol & Revolver Disassembly and Reassembly" reference guide.Amazon link:
Model HSC Pistol / Re: Stamped 1941 Holster for Mauser HSc
« Last post by lwishon55 on August 13, 2018, 04:00:02 PM »
Hi Jim,

    There is nothing stamped on the inside of the holster flap.  I am working on taking some clear and up close pics of the pistol and the holster.  Will upload as soon as I have them.

Model HSC Pistol / Re: Stamped 1941 Holster for Mauser HSc
« Last post by jcorl on August 13, 2018, 03:26:45 PM »
On the inside of the holster flap, what does it say?   I post the German Air Force drop wing proof stamp located on my holster.   

Model HSC Pistol / Re: Hsc sear variation...early and later
« Last post by jcorl on August 13, 2018, 03:23:41 PM »
Enjoy your trip.  Sounds like a great one.  Good eye and good question on that sear.

Model HSC Pistol / Re: Stamped 1941 Holster for Mauser HSc
« Last post by vlim on August 13, 2018, 02:51:50 PM »
If we are nitpicking, it's actually Kern Kläger & Cie.

The umlaut above the a is important as it alters the pronounciation of the letter. In a digital form ä can also be written as ae. Simlar to Goering and Göring, for example.

ä has more of an e sound, while a has more of an ah sound.

Model 1914 Pistol / Re: Mauser Pocket Pistols 1910 to 1946 by Roy Pender
« Last post by vlim on August 13, 2018, 02:00:13 PM »
What could go wrong? Pay with Paypal and click on 'Buy it now'. Its not rocket science and Italy is not exacly located in another galaxy.
Model HSC Pistol / Re: Stamped 1941 Holster for Mauser HSc
« Last post by Warbird on August 13, 2018, 10:09:13 AM »
Isn't that what he said? Or am I missing something here?
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