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That is an interesting piece of information. Still think production data being used in Mauser blogs is not completely accurate. Several blogs report that all Mauser American Eagle Edition pistols were made in 1977. That is probably true for most of them but for the fact that the pistol in question was purchased and delivered to the buyer in the 3rd quarter of calendar year 1976 ( the last quarter of German fiscal year 1976) and had to have been made and shipped before the purchase. Also without knowing the exact production and print date for the Interarms 1976 catalog have to assume that the cover picture of the Mauser HSc American Eagle Edition pistol was taken some time in 1976 which means some of the guns were made in 1976.

A complete production record should show Pistol 714 and Pistol 715 as being made in Fiscal  and calendar year 1976. This is not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things but is useful to point out that history does not always leave behind perfectly accurate information especially when it passes thru many hands. 

Just to close this thread, I am posting the original sales receipt which is not made out as a pre-order but rather a sale. Add that most of the time companies advertise things they have to sell or tell you you need to pre-order ( See Interarms 1976 catalog). I am led to believe that the Mauser production records most blogs use may be slightly in error given that they were compiled pre-digital storage era and the changes of ownership for Mauser firearms that happened over time.

Again thank you for your time and attention. I will follow your advice and keep this pistol in my gun safe as a collection item to remember my neighbor if nothing else.

Thanks for responding to the question I ask about possible production of my pistol. It's good to have an expert to rely upon when looking for answers. Just to add to the mystery about the receipt, there is information on the receipt as to the date of sale (9-8-76) and the date of delivery (9-12-76) also has the serial numbers 714 & 715 indicated as being purchased at the same time. Which could explain how the one I have was never used. Wonder if these could have been part of an early trial production run with most of the American Eagle edition pistols being produced in 1977?

Warbird, thank you for the information and advice. As an aside, Canus Lupus means grey wolf for my grey hair and long grey beard.  Although it's of little significance, do you think that because of the serial number 714 on the pistol that was made in Germany, imported into the USA, and the sales receipt from Illinois in September 1976 is it possible that they began production of these editions in late 1975 or early 1976?.

A neighbor died and his widow gave his pristine Mauser HSC 380 to me sicne I used to take him shooting. The pistol was never used since being bought in 1976 and is in its original box with original manual, cleaning rod warranty card, target sheet, sales slip, etc. Could someone point me in the direction where I can find out more information about this pistol and its value as a collection piece. Should I just keep it in my gun safe as a collection piece or go ahead and use it at the range. Hate to mess up a gun the neighbor kept in pristine condition when I have many other handguns to shoot.

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