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Model 1914 Pistol / Mauser info
« on: June 04, 2016, 04:42:50 PM »
Hi all, So thanks to user 1914Mauser I was mistaken about my pistol. I thought it was a 1910 model turns out it's a 1914 32 auto. I have some questions to about it my serial number is 33141 and was wondering about the production date I'm guessing it is pre WW1 given the lower number? it is also nickel plated, could this been done from the factory? It has some markings in behind the dove tail but very hard to make out maybe BB? or 88?  the same marking are also on the front of the gun(barrel) on the right side where the pin goes in to secure the barrel left side has the last three of the serial number. All numbers match on parts inside as well as the back of the pistol. On the right side their are no markings of any kind. I will try and post some pictures later. Sweet little gun.

Model 1910 Pistol / New to forum and have a 1910 problem
« on: June 03, 2016, 08:47:44 PM »
Hi all, I have a 1910? 32acp #33141 and for some reason I can not get it back together. I have watched the Youtube videos very simple to breakdown and reassemble but, when I try to slide it back to drop n the barrel it gets hung up and then I have to put the clip back in to free slide. I have tried it without the firing pin and it seems to go back ok but then have a hard time sliding it forward.. :-\  I have taken it to a local gunsmith but he to can't seem to get it back together. Anybody have any thoughts? It did fire before I took it apart. Thanks for any help you may give...

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