Model 1914 Pocket Pistol

1914PistolDrawingThe pocket pistol series includes the Model 1910, Model 1914, and Model 1934. They are very similar to each other with differences of caliber and small features such as the shape of the grips. There are also other rare variants such as the Model 1912-14, which were experimental and did not go into production. These pistols are fairly common yet uniquely well made compact pistols.

The Model 1914 is a very similar to the Model 1910 but the caliber is 7.65 caliber (.32 ACP). Also, the overall size of the gun is slightly larger than the small .25 cal 1910, mostly to accommodate it’s larger caliber. The grips are not as straight backed as the 1910, they have a slight curvature to them. (not as much curvature as the model 1934). Grips can be black plastic (“Franzite”), hard rubber or checkered wood wrap around grip. It has an 8 round magazine and was made from 1914-1945.

A few examples were factory nickel finish which are worth slightly more, but beware of after market “Chrome” finishes applied over the original bluing. You will find many chrome examples, and if compared to an actual nickeled finish example, you will notice that chrome retains its bright finish, and nickel slightly yellows over the years. A renown collector / author has catalogs from Mauser in the 1920’s – 1930’s that offers the pistol in a Nickel finish. No chrome finish was ever offered by Mauser directly, and are most likely chromed afterwards to look similar to other chrome pocket pistols.

For a great guide to the Model 1910/14 & 1934 variations, read this article provided by Burgess Mason, that includes some great photographs to illustrate the variations. Mauser1910 (PDF format)

Author / collector, A. Winthrop has provided an introduction to Mauser Pocket pistols. See the author’s full pocket pistol article here: MAUSER POCKET PISTOLS Introduction (PDF).