Mauser Related Links – Historic Archive of Paul Mauser with digitized documents and biography. – “The Original Mauser” brand which now focuses on Hunting and Sporting Mausers. – Auctioneers of fine guns. – The place to buy online! A large listing. – Importers of Mauser Rifles. – One of the world’s largest wholesale and retail suppliers of firearms. – Rare military surplus or replacement items. – Nice images and detailed descriptions of various models, and how to operate, dis-assemble, clean, restore, etc. – You can often find good Mauser rifles here, and information on their history. Also good information on ATF laws regarding C&R FFLs. – research on the German armed forces 1918-1945. – REME Museum of Technology (UK) – Nice weapons collection including several rare Mauser rifles. – Makers of the Mauser M2 pistol in 2000, owners of Mauser handgun trademark. – Gunsworld has good information and pictures of some Mauser guns. Hard to find collectors items. InterOrdinance – Importers that often carry Mausers. All about Lugers including Mauser Lugers. From Italian Author on the subject. A very good and long running Luger forum.– CMR Classic Firearms Specialise in collectors grade Investment Lugers, P08, Artillery Luger, Navy Luger and C96 Mauser Broomhandle Pistols. A gun related directory of web sites. Check out our listing. Our site is listed on the Firearms Directory. A directory resource of firearms web sites. The German Gun Collectors Association. Break out the Leader Hozen! Travel with them for some German style hunting and history!
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