Author Topic: Paul Mauser files: any mention about Brazilian contract?  (Read 2311 times)

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Paul Mauser files: any mention about Brazilian contract?
« on: January 16, 2018, 01:33:59 PM »
I'm almost certain that the answer is NO, but I think it is a good place to ask, anyway.
In 1908 the Brazilian Army reached an agreement to buy 400,000 Mauser rifles chambered for the 7 mm Mauser cartridge - that later were named "1908 Brazilian Mauser" by collectors.
However all the production was allocate to DWM, which made all the guns from this contract. Interesting to note that the Brazilian Lugers were bought in the same occasion.
So, in spite of the DWM production,  would like to know (1) if there is any mention of this contract in the Mauser files and (2) do any DWM archives survived until our days?
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