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My 1970 HSC does not have a disconnector. Trigger bar held in place by slide and left grip. Is that a problem, or did later HSC not come with disconnector?


The New Model HSc Disconnector is integral with the Trigger Bar.  Meaning it is formed with, and part of, the Trigger Bar.

Warburg, thanks for the illustrations on the trigger bar. This particular HSC is from 1970, and it seems hard to find that disconnector at the usual places.
Itís easy to find on the HSC diagram, and listed as a separate piece, and appears to go vertically down and over the trigger bar.
Any help locating one would be appreciated.

You are apparently looking at a Wartime HSc diagram that has the Disconnector as a separate part.  On your 1970 HSc there is no Disconnector.  As I pointed out, it is integral with the Trigger Bar.  It is the part of the Trigger Bar in the center that points upward.  Does your Trigger Bar look like the picture on top?  Hope that clarifies.

Ok, got it now. Thatís great news because I thought I lost it while cleaning the pistol.
So.....since I was successful getting the trigger bar in the proper place, and the pistol functioning again, seems that only the slide, and the grips hold the trigger bar in place??

Thanks for taking the time with me,



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