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Look what I found. The Mauser 1911...

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I have been pushing for a Mauser 1911 for some years.
Looks like someone listened.

A new Mauser 1911 in .22lr HV has appeared.
Bought one and will report when I know more.

Seller's data

Kaliber.22 lr HVGesamtlänge218 mmGesamthöhe140 mmGesamtbreite36,5 mmGewicht975 gLauflänge127 mmDralllänge406 mmAnzahl Züge6Visierlänge136 mmAbzugsgewicht1.900 - 2.500 g / 19 - 25 NMagazinkapazität10SystemSingle-Action

WOW!  Gerben, another remarkable find!  When did Mauser produce these and what is the HV for?  High Velocity?  So many questions ...

It is made by GSG and there is also a Sig Sauer branded version. Sig Sauer owns the Mauser brand name so that makes sense.


It seems that they recently set up a new marketing line of Mauser branded SGS guns, including a StG44 and an AK47 alongside this 1911.

HV = High Velocity. CCI Stingers should work well.

The 1911 arrived today.

Numbered plastic case, manual and toolset with dummy .22 round, chamber flag, 4 front sights, spanner and cleaning rod.

Pistol and magazine have a nice heavy feel to them, mimicks the 1911s weight quite well.

Finally, a Mauser .22lr pistol to go with Mauser KK80 .22lr ammunition.


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