Author Topic: Federal Ordanance "Broomhandle" Questions  (Read 1080 times)

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Federal Ordanance "Broomhandle" Questions
« on: September 18, 2018, 03:04:27 AM »
I think I found a 9mm "Broomhandle" at my LGS...but I've got some questions. Perhaps folks here can help.

 Attached are a few pics.

From my research and info from a couple of other Boards, I think I found a Federal Ordnance "Broomhandle" at my LGS.  They are asking $1200.00 and it's on consignment.

I understand these pistols were built in the 80s or so using original (or Chinese??) uppers and frames made by Federal. 

I kinda collect, but nothing of great historic or museum-quality value and within my I focus on shooter grade guns, they don't have to be in original condition as long as they are representative of their ilk and safe to shoot.  So my "P38" is really a P1; by Colt SAA is a Pietta 1873 in 357/38; my HPs are all under $1,000; my Smith 38/44 is strictly as shooter, but a good one; my P08 is a $1200 gun not 3,000 collector's piece; and my Sigs and Smiths show honest wear, but they all work flawlessly.

So my questions are:  Are these safe to shoot (after being checked out for broken pieces of course and checked for soundness); what are they worth (is $1200 a fair price, a steal, or way too much); do they disassemble the same as regular Mauser c96's; what should I be looking for in inspecting it.

Finally, if I may impose as a "newbie" I correct that the new wooden stock that fits into the cut on the frame is a BIG NO NO as far as the ATF is concerned?  The gun is not an original Mauser; the stock isn't original either and together don't they equal an SBR and therefore need stamps and all sorts of paperwork?

(Just a note of introduction:  I live in Western Washington state; am a semi-retired journalist; collect milsurp rifles and pistols of all sorts with an affinity for German police pistols (except for the HK P7 I can't afford) and Smith revolvers which I can if they are strictly shooters.  I also like Sigs, Walthers, and BHPs and have recently purchased a Harrington and Richardson topbreak "Defender" as it's an affordable representative of top breaks.)

Thanks in advance for whatever you can share.


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Re: Federal Ordanance "Broomhandle" Questions
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2018, 07:52:27 AM »

Welcome to the forum. The pistol in question is as your research has uncovered. The lowers were newly machined as the original pistol was a Schnellfuer , full automatic version of the C96 and could not be imported as was. It should be safe to shoot but if you are not familiar it is always best to have it checked out by someone who is familiar. Beware of hot loads and avoid them. Proceed with caution and proper safety equipment, ears and eyes. Attaching a stock is a grey area as it is technically not original. Requesting an answer from BATFE would be the safest course.

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