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1 is good, 2 is better, a pair is best


Followed an auction and saw a Mauser M2 with a number that looked familiar.

I already have .45 ACP version 2243 and today they were auctioning off 2242.

So now the guns will continue their lives as a matched pair.

Another "Congratulations", Gerben!  I am intrigued by the visible Barrel lockup at the Ejection Port.  Does the Barrel rotate on a cam action to unlock during recoil?

Thanks :)

Yes, it does. It was an interesting return to an old idea, executed by a Swiss gun designer. A bit overcomplicated in several areas and 3 safeties is a bit much. But a nice attempt at a compact self defense gun in potent calibers nonetheless.

I remember that I saw 2242 earlier somewhere, most probably in a European gun review magazine. Should have a copy somewhere, but seem to have misplaced it.

It finally arrived and the pair is reunited after 19 years apart.


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