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Italian Mauser-HSC .380


Hi everyone,
It is always a pleasure to meet Firearms enthusiasts. I live in AZ where our 2nd amendment rights are Safe, at least atm.
About 25 years ago I bought this Denato Gamba Mauser-HSC .380, serial No. 200294, it has a 10 round magazine and test firing was flawless.
I have had no success searching for info about this pistol but plenty info about German made Mauser-HSC's.
My hope is that some of you may have info about the date of manufacture, popular opinion of quality and possible value.
Thank you all,

These were the result of an agreement between Mauser and Rebato Gamba. Mauser got the right to produce Gamba's Trident .38sp revolver and Gamba got the right to make the HSc. A high capacity version was made when Gamba obtained a police contract.

This agreement was drawn up around 1980. Mauser revolvers have 1980 and 81 proof dates.

Interesting ... I did a Yahoo! search of "Renato Gamba HSc" and got at least 2 dozen websites in return.  Suggest you try again.

Thank you Vlim  and Warbird,
My searches also brought up a couple dozen references to Denato Gamba Mauser's but with No date of manufacture or
Serial No. info, approximate time/years of licensing info etc etc. -- including a Denato Gamba history on an NRA site.
Of course I will keep looking, I thought just maybe I could abbreviate the search time here.


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