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Serial ranges, current status


I have been observing and regestering DA serial numbers for a few years now. The number of samples is now large enough to draw some early conclusions.

The observed numbers run from 90002000 to 90015000 and from 90020000 to 90026000.

It seems that 90015000 to 90019999 are missing. None observed in this range yet.

This suggests that no more than
19000 were made.

It would be interesting to see serial numbers:
Below 90002000.
Between 90015000 and 9002000.
Above 90026000.

The Compact DA is rare, it does not exceed 2000 at this time. Those observed fall between 91001000 and 91002200.

Serial 90002256 has surfaced and has some properties not found on later versions. Another one in the 2800 range shares its features.

No Hungarian 1991 proof but a 1990 German proof.

No mod. 90 DA model designation on the slide.

This effectively means that the DA 90 exists in at least 2 different variations. Looks like the first batch of about 5000 guns differed from later standard production.


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