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I just bought a like new 1910/14 made from serial number and year quantities in 1923.It was sold to me with the original magazine missing.A Triple-k mag was included and of course it is too short and does not work at all. It will not trip the slide release/magazine safety.Looking for an original I see the shysters are asking 200 bucks or more for an original magazine.Are there any alternatives that are more back-to-earth on pricing that work?Thank you for any info.


Let me know if the mag from David works out.


If you aren’t able to resolve the issue, I have written a document that talks about how the hold open catch operates as well as its interaction with the magazine.  It may help to diagnose where the issue is. Let me know and I can send to you.  Original magazines can be found on eBay from time to time for way less than the $200.  You need the version with the solid square floor plate.  I was able to purchase 2 recently.

Will the original " split-tailed" magazine fit my pistol?

Yes.  The Split tailed base is an older style but should still work if there are no other issues with it.  Old magazines can have there little “issues”.  If the comment from 1914Mauser was regarding David from Handguns of World, I have bought other magazines from him before and they were of great quality and good working order.


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