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1910/14 range report rolling target and 25 yard target.


With the "new" original magazine working properly, I took a couple hundred reloads to my range for the Rolling Target and unknown range Snap Shoot practice match.Firing the 1910 pistol in .25 ACP ( 6.35mm) could not be more fun. Recoil is nil and rapid firing is very easy to do. Accuracy is not an issue as the pistol is very accurate.My tire launcher is a 12 foot trough on 8 foot high legs. A paper target in placed inside an old bias-ply tire and the tire is remotely launched from a safe distance.
The tire passes right to left in front of the shooter at 15 yards at the speed of a running man. A firing "lane" is marked out ...stop/start, the shooter has five seconds to  fire six shots.The little Mauser did very well indeed. It was made to shoot fast and accurately!I then engaged the 25 yard paper man target and emptied the magazine of seven shots as fast as I could. I pulled one shot t othe left of center but the rest went into the COM.My hand loads at 7,000 feet ASL at the range are right at 1,000 FPS using Bullseye and Unique powder ( Unique filling the little case a 1.6 grains). No FTF ot FTE noted. Brass does fly away farther than you'd think.I really like the little pistol. I wish I had bought one decades ago.
Rolling target :

25 yard target

25 yard center with 7 shots:

Pretty impressive. Thanks for sharing.

The Mauser 1910-14-34 pistols have been reported to be extremely accurate pistols, nice to see a well documented confirmation.

The actual match is next Saturday and I will post results.


--- Quote from: Rapidrob on July 18, 2020, 07:42:52 PM ---... and emptied the magazine of seven shots as fast as I could.

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I thought the capacity was 9


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