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Thank you for your help! Iím excited to find out the history on this pistol. Iíve had a couple of people look at it and both agreed it appeared to be a factory finish. Iíll keep digging on it. I saw one post on another forum that estimated special order with nickel finish was in the neighborhood of one in 5000. If true, with only about 10,000 made, it would be extremely rare indeed!!! If you are able to come up with anything else, please let me know! Thank you again!

I also have a nickel plated 1914, this one i 7.65 (32 APC). Serial number is 548856.
The finish is beautiful, the Mauser banner and lettering is not polished away. The only think I see wrong with the finish is a tiny blemish in the nickel finish I cannot believe the Mauser factory would have let out.
Will furnish photo's later...


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