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Good day everyone I just got on board. I purchased a wtp 1 from gunbroker with 1 original and I aftermarket mag, and a nice holster only missing a couple threads and a rivet other wise in good shape.after about 3 weeks I was finally able to pick it up and couldn't have been more pleased with condition until I got it home and started going through safety checks :'(  almost everything works right. Original mag works great but aftermarket doesn't lock in with out a little help but it binds the action up something fierce but it does want to feed just slows the slide down so much it only goes into 3/4 battery.  The real problem lies in the sear it looks to have been hack jobbed for a better trigger pull but all they accomplished was to make it safety slam fire. By this I mean cock it put it on safe pull the trigger hear a light click then drop the safety and there goes the fire pin. I did try this with live rounds and it fired every time. Anyone know where to get a new sear and fire pi. I can't find any anywhere. Oh and my grip was in 2 pieces but I was able to find one of those. Just waiting for it to show up. I thank all for any info you may have.

Thank you for letting me into this group

Sorry to here about your issue.  That the problem with Gunbroker is that you never really know what youíll get until you have it in your hands.  You are correct that the parts will be very hard to find.  Over the years, I have found a few parts for WTP 1ís on eBay and gunbroker, but they done come up often.  If you email me at pjb11661@gmail.com, I have a name of someone who might have parts.

Thank you an email has been sent i really appreciate this

I have WTP I parts. Post a picture of the damaged part and I will let you know if  have a replacement.


I will have to get you pics of my firing pin once I get home I thank you for any help you can give.


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