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Appraisal Assistance - Mauser Model 1934 - Thank you for any help!!!



I was given these items ~ 40 years ago from my God Father and have cherished them.  As the story goes, he got them off a Nazi officer during WWII.   Any identification or appraisal assistance is greatly appreciated!     You can see the eagle stamped in two places Pic4a and Pic6a.  I am interested in an Auction or selling outright and just want to get a fair market value for all three items together ( Mauser 1934, clip and Holster).

Rick, You have a nice example of a Mauser .32 caliber pocket model, a.k.a. 1934 Mauser. If you are in the US? high retail value is in the $550-650 range. This is an auction estimate, the actual hammer price, if auctioned, could be more or less. I am sure they are worth far more to you in sentimental value. Regards,

A very gun.I like this kind of guns.Regards,Geert


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