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fred klinknagel:
This Mauser made P08 is in our museum collection.It was in the safe for 20 years.
-Mauser Banner ,G on top of the chamber,1 proofmark : u with crown
serial number :1586 .
Magazine is  nikkel plated with wooden bottom.

Strange combination.
The G date is 1936 for army deliveries.
This is a commercial variation with a Mauser banner and commercial proofs. Blued small parts should be strawed, so it has been reblued.

Is the safety marked 'gesichert' ?

fred klinknagel:

 That's why I made this post.To my believe it is an commercial Mauser made P08 .
 Safety is marked : gesichert
 All matching numbers.
 The history is unknown but we believe it was handed over to the police by an old woman some 30 years ago.
 Not sure if this is the original magazine of the weapon.The magazine looks like a world war 1.


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