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fred klinknagel:

 Today I have cleaned an other P08 from the collection.
 I was in a display for about 20 years and some little rust was on the weapon and the spare mag and also on the tool.
 With oil and very fine steel wool it looks fine again.
 This one is marked S/42  and dated over the chamber :1938      Serial number 8046G     "wehrmacht abname " markings
 all numbers matching.
 Two magazines number 8046  and original tool.
 Including nice holster with name on the inside.
 Great condition


fred klinknagel:
and this

fred klinknagel:

Are you sure its 1938 and not 1936?

A 1938 P08 would be all blue. This one has strawed small parts that were phased out mid 1937.

They would be correct for a P08 up to mid 1937, but not on later ones.

fred klinknagel:

   To fast on the keybord : it is 1936  ;)

   And the holster :



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