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I was approached to buy an early 1939, S/42.  It was quoted as showing light handling on original finish with nearly original straw part's finish, as well as, being an all matching numbered gun with drop dead, lovely conditioned grips. No mention of the mag, but I assume it is not numbered to the gun.  I have attempted to do some research on this model and find it a bonus to have fine quality straw part's finish.  I also have learned that this is not that rare of an S/42 example.  What should I be looking for, when I inspect this gun?  I own no Lugers.
A trusted dealer in Lugers only is holding it for my inspection.  He tells me, if I do not buy it, then he will.   Your comments are appreciated.         

A 1939 pistol should not have strawed parts, but an overall salt dip blue.
Judging by your description the pistol has been refinished, which seriously affects the value. Photos will help, but I would be careful not to spend too much money on a refinished pistol.

This is where, I show my memory failure.  I thought he said "1939".  I know for a fact he said "First Variation", whenever the First Variations occurred.  If that was not during 1939, then I apologize for stating the wrong production date.  I am sure, it will be a "here it is".  I suppose I can take photos at the store and post them here for your observations and comments.  I do appreciate your kind response.  Again, I am sorry, if I stated the wrong date code.  I am sure it is not a "G" or "K" date, as I would have remembered that part of the conversation.     The gun dealer said he personally had five First Variations that I could compare this one to.  We will see?   

Just looked at my notes on the conversation. He did say a 1937.


A first variation 1937 Mauser Luger is a good example to have and if very clean, with matching numbers (excepting the magazine) it would bring between $1400-$1800. I sold a 3rd variation last year for $1900, but it was exceptional with almost 95% remaining finish.


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