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New German language book on Mauser's exploits until 1914.


An interesting new book has been published in German.
By a former Oberndorf resident who now resides in Australia.

The fact that the author is not a gun enthusiast and a former Oberndorf resident means she takes a look at Mauser from a different angle.

Also not a lot of detailed info on the early Mauser years has been published in German, so in that sense alone it is a welcomed addition.

Although many of the subjects have been touched in earlier publications, she did a great job in bringing the main connections and international networks together.

There are some omissions, to be expected, but the general overview is correct.
If you can read German and are interested in the corporate politics and international connections between 1870 and 1914, this is a good place to start.

The author is Heidi Zogbaum

Diesen Schuss der ganzen Welt
-Der Aufstieg der Waffenfabrik mauser und die kaiserliche Weltpolitik bis 1914.

Hardcover - 237 pages with color illustrations.
Printed and published in Germany through WBG Academic

ISBN 987-3-534-40617-3.

Very interesting!  Thanks vlim


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