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German WWII veteran mentions his Mauser pistol


I recently finished reading "Walking Away from the Third Reich" by Claus Sellier.  He served in the German army in World War II. In April 1945, just before the war ended, he was commissioned as an officer. The book contains an interesting reference to a Mauser pistol (probably an HSc) and to Claus Sellier's relationship to the Mauser family.
Sellier writes "every new officer brought his own pistol. My pistol was a birthday present from my uncle, Alex Mauser. He even had it engraved at the factory in Oberndorf."
Sellier goes on to say his uncle had no real control or ownership of the Mauser company but had an office at the factory. While he doesn't identify which model the pistol was, it was most likely an HSc. At that point in the war an HSc was the only Mauser pistol available for commercial purchase.
A few weeks later, just before he was captured by American troops, Sellier carefully buried his pistol hoping to retrieve it later. The book doesn't reveal if he actually recovered it or not. I'd love to know the answer!
I haven't found anything on an "Alex Mauser" who might have been connected with the Mauser company during WWII. Does anyone know something about him?


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