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Mauser WTP II French version for sale. Also a few WTP manuals and parts


Hello All,
I will be selling my WTP 2 French version sn375 in very nice condition.  Price $1800.  I also have various parts and manuals for WTP 1 and 2 versions.  Reply if interested. My email is pjb11661@gmail.com if interested.

The manuals are originals from Germany and not reprints.  1 WTP 1 and one WTP 2.  Have many parts for WTP 1.  Grips for WTP 2 and several magazines for both of several different styles.

July 2,2023 - all remaining items posted on eBay or Gunbroker.

I am interested in the manuals. Please contact me via fxdx21@hotmail.com. Regards, Burgess


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