Author Topic: Assistance with date of manufacture of "commemorative" Mauser HSC380ACP  (Read 3831 times)

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Hi, I recently purchased a .380 ACP Mauser HSC on auction. No decent photos yet, but the auction gave the description as "One of 5000 produced, hence serial number 0789/5000. One of a run of commemorative models. Good original condition." So according to the production chart, the serial number 0789/5000 belongs to American Eagle produced in 1977. Was there any other "commemorative" models made or is the "American Eagle" series the commemorative model series. Or maybe there is no HSC commemorative model ? By the way, the serial no - 789 is quite well chosen. I will post better pics as soon as I get from the dealer.


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Re: Assistance with date of manufacture of "commemorative" Mauser HSC380ACP
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2024, 08:56:26 PM »
This was the only separately numbered end-of-contract range done for Interarms.

Some American Eagle marked overrun slides made it into german commercial production, numbered as regular HSc pistols.