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Hello I am new here - Have some unyusual Mauser stuff for sale

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Hi there,
I am an longtime Mauser enthusiast and old Kraut residing in Canada. I need to downsize a bit and while I was admiring my C96 I had this Brain Fart and got the idea there must be a Mauser collectors Website so here I am.

Perhaps someone can enlighten me to the value of some of the Items.

A  5 unused Mauser Postcards.  I got them bout 15 years ago, thy where a promotional item.
B  A used Mauser Micrometer, I bought it in used condition back home in 1971.
C  A used adjustable Wrench with Mauser Logo probably from the 1900, Its up north cant get there till May.
D  several original Mauser Patents, all are from the period 1900 to 1920.
cant think of anything else at the moment.

I post pictures as soon I have figured out how.   Thanks

Here are 3 Pics.


here original Mauser Patents.

Prices ??


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