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A new one pops up...

In 2000, German based gun company Sig Sauer decided to put their right to use the Mauser brand name to good use. They marketed a pistol called the Mauser M2 in the calibers .45 ACP, .357 SIG and .40 S&W. It is most likely that the pistols were made in Germany, but they bare the name of SIGARMS USA, alongside the Mauser banner on the slide. The pistol was intended for the US market and you rarely see them for sale in Europe. Which in turn seems to indicate they were manufactured in the US.

Test firing sheets, however, show that at least a number of them were test fired and signed off at the Sig Sauer factory in Germany. So judging from this it is safe to assume that they were indeed manufactured in Germany at Sig Sauer. The fact that these pistols also have 'MADE IN GERMANY' on the frame is another indication of the gun's German heritage.

The pistol is equipped with grips that also show the Mauser brand name, complete with a (R)egistered marking. The Mauser banner is also imprinted on the base of the, MecGar made, magazines.

It uses a rotating barrel, is striker firing (no hammer) and has numerous safety features.

Sig Sauer had purchased the right to the Mauser brand name for small arms around 2000, allowing a related company, Blaser, to set up a division under the 'Mauser Jagdwaffen GmbH' name. This division focused on hunting rifles, based on the M98 action.

A recently obtained example was delivered from the factory in Germany in a Sig Sauer marked case (the US versions were shipped in green plastic cases with a gold Mauser logo). Barrel proof date is 2003. Production ran between 2000 - 2006 and it seems that Sig Sauer had a number of pistols still in storage. The test firing sheet indicates it was tested at the factory AFTER 2008.

I have one of these M2 pistols. They were made in 2000. Mine is a .40 caliber model. They were also available in .45, and were SUPPOSED to have a .357 barrel you could buy separately, but I heard that those were never actually produced.
This is my personal defense weapon that I use on a regular basis. Very accurate and well made. I've read that they were made in the USA, but I cannot remember the details.
Sig Arms USA owned the Mauser pistols brand, but no longer make a Mauser branded weapon.  I wish they'd make a historic looking line of guns under the Mauser name.  I know we'd all buy them.  8)


German Llama:
I would like to find one of those. I shoot SIGs and am a SIG Sauer armorer.

The idea was to make them in the USA, but that never happened, as far as I'm aware. The early pistols have the 'Frame made in Germany' marking, but were made entirely in Europe. The 2007 versions no longer have that 'Frame made in Germany' marking.
Also some changes to the markings were carried out. The first variation has the M2 marking in silver paint. The later versions have the M2 marking outlined, etched or machined into the slide.
SIG SAUER in Germany still owns the right to the Mauser banner in combination with hand gun production. Their subsidiary, Blaser, is home to the current 'Mauser Jagdwaffen GmbH' which produces Mauser hunting rifles.

They may be fine pistols, but they just don't have any style to them.  Sorry men.  This model is not for me.


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