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Model 80.SA and 90.DA side by side

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Just some examples of the Model 80.SA and the Model 90.DA side by side.

   FYI, both pistols were actually made by FEG of Hungry.

That is correct. All these pistols carry Hungarian proof markings, showing they were made and test fired in Hungary.

   Yes sir, FEG has a long history supplying firearms to its customers with any markings the customer desires.
   The "Model 80" has been imported into the USA and sold under a number of different model designations, including "PJK" and "FP9". This pistol was widely sold in the middle east under the model designation 'Kareen". The actual factory designation appears to have been P9M.
    The "Model 90" has been imported into the USA at the "P9R", "P9", and "R9", with P9R appearing to be the actual FEG factory designation. There were three major variations of the P9R; a "B9R" chambered for the .380 ACP (9 mm Browning Short), a "GKK" chambered for the .45 ACP, and the 9x19 P9R.
    There exist at least two “compact” sub-variations of the P9R. One of these seems to have the factory designation of “P9RK” and was marketed by Mauser as the “DA 90 Compact” which had a 14 round magazine. The other sub-variant was the “P9RZ” which was significantly smaller than the P9R, with a ten round magazine and a bobbed hammer.
    Here is are a couple of pages showing some of the models, and their pricing, circa 1990.

   Here is a picture of a P9RZ.


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