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I am in the process of purchasing a really nice Argentine mauser model 1891. It has a serial number of B7058. Does anyone have any idea when this rifle was manufactured? Thanks.

Can't help you with the serial number.  In the early 1960's Interarms imported a large quantity of these rifles arsenal refinished to new condition, with the exception that the Argrentine crest had been ground off the receiver ring.  They had racks full of these rifles in their retail store, Potomac Arms.  The price was $19.95.  I wish for a time machine. 

I bought one, but I think I gave $25.00 for it.  I guess I got ripped.


I'm sure this answer is only of historical interest now, but that S/N was manufactured in 1892, and is of the first 25,000 of the order for 50,000 placed the year before.  That year they made from A0000 to C4999. 

I have S7185.  Can you tell me production date? Thank you.


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