Author Topic: Mauser C77 Hinterladung and Wilhelm Mauser  (Read 6253 times)

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Mauser C77 Hinterladung and Wilhelm Mauser
« on: May 07, 2017, 05:17:30 AM »

Dear All,
In our new book on Paul Mauser, the German inventor and industrialist is for sure the main actor of the book however we also spend time analyzing in details the relationship between Paul and his brother Wilhelm (chapter The Mauser brothers and Oberndorf – page 75 - 83).

The relationship between the two men was a difficult one and we use Paul Mauser diaries notes and original letters exchanged between the two brothers to explain this. This difficult relationship will continue also after the death of Wilhelm (1882) between Paul Mauser and the son of Wilhelm, Alfons.

In any case, in the first years of the Mauser story, until Wilhelm passed away in 1882, the two brothers worked together and, speaking about pistols, Wilhelm was involved with Paul in the design and production of two models the C77 and the C78 (Zig-Zag).

In the book, the Zig-Zag revolver enthusiasts can find an interesting amount of original letters, for the first time available, fully translated, between Paul and Wilhelm related to the production and marketing of the C78 revolver (chapter Marketing the Zig-Zag Revolver – page 191 - 203).

I am presenting here a very rare set composed by the single-shot Hinterladung (rear-loader) Mauser C77 pistol together with the unique letter available in the Paul Mauser archive where Wilhelm Mauser describes this pistol to a Swedish governmental representative – note the Wilhelm signature at the end with “Waffenfabrikant”.

The letter is quite long and in the beginning Wilhelm discussed about rifles but, almost at the end of the letter, he introduces the “new” pistol, stressing the advantage of the his design. The full translation of the letter is available at page 90 of the book.

The Mauser c77 is the first pistol produced by the two Mauser brothers and only a few are today reported. The total production is around 150 pistols concentrated in 1877-78. The complete explanation about the very effective loading mechanism is available in the book.

In the book, the reader can also see when the first C77 has been sold and to whom based upon the data of the sale books.

I guess all the Mauser collectors will be happy to see together this rare pistol and the even rarer unique letter. See also:

I hope you enjoy,