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At a local show awhile back, stumbled across one of these. I knew that it was out of the ordinary, but couldn't put it together at first. WTP's have never been common, where I reside. The lack of German proof marks, finally jogged my memory. And I realized what it was. Thought about it, but between the pitting and price decided against it.

The pitting and general wear, suggested to me that it was carried in someones pocket for personal protection for quite awhile.



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My lord! $1650.00. I guess I screwed the pooch. Even if this one, is in way better shape.  It's been a long time, but as I recall the asking price was around $250.00 I thought that was ridiculous, considering the condition.

Holly cow!  I better start looking out for these little puppies.


I picked up a nice French WTP II today.

Relatively high serial number 1086. Barrel numbered 86. It has a non-original magazine, but is in nice condition overall. A nice gesture from a fellow collector who knew I was looking for one.


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