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« on: August 11, 2014, 11:49:29 PM »
Hello I'm new to the forum I have received a hsc I believe and I am wondering how to break it down to clean it.  The serial number is 706.239 it has a 655 on the left trigger guard and an and bird on the right and what looks like a C on the bottom left side of the hand grip


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Re: breakdown
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Hello jrock and welcome to the forum.
Field stripping the HSc results in 5 sub-assemblies or parts:  Frame; Slide; Barrel; Recoil Spring; and Magazine.

1. Remove the Magazine, lock open the Slide, and check the chamber clear.
2. Reinsert and remove the Magazine to close the Slide.
3. Leave the Hammer cocked and put the manual Safety ON (S visible).
4. Depress the Barrel Latch inside front of the Trigger Guard.
5. Move the Slide forward and up to clear the Frame.
6. Invert the Slide and push the Barrel at the chamber forward.
7. When the Barrel breech just clears the bolt face, tilt it up and out along with the Recoil Spring.


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Re: breakdown
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