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byf41 with Schiwy safety - cond. 99%


This must experienced !!P.08 byf41 with Schiwy safety - eagle/655 - serial 3438p.I had with me a lugerekspert from Gjovik to verify that it is not reblued or fixed on, seller said it was...It's not done anything, almost untouched and almost not shot with.German storage fat still lay in the firing pin and bushing for this. Gripplates is almost certainly not taken off before, and are numbers like ...Check magazine - one stainless Haenel/Schmeisser with German labeling eagle / L.

This is shurely a treasure as far as i believe...?

I think the term "Zowie" applies to this ultra rare fine, find!   Congratulations.   :o

Thanks for the great photos.



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