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Can anyone tell me the approximate year of production or variation on this M2?   I have attached the box information and a poor quality pistol photo.  Looks like the green box U.S. version.


Sorry I missed this post. I don't know if these US imports were proofed in Germany prior to exporting.
If they were, there should be a proof date (2 digits or 2 letters) as well as an eagle/N marking and a proof house marking in the slide and barrel.

Judging from your serial number, I'd say 2001 - 2002.

Here is a barrel proof on one of mine.

AA is the date code for '00 = 2000.

Thank you.  That is of help.   Interesting firearm for me.   I will see, if I can break down the pistol.  Sometimes I can and sometimes I cannot.  I appreciate the photos. 



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