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    I have not seen an '09 Argentine, but the pictures sure look pretty. I am a big fan of the cartridge. I have a '91 DWM in 98% pristine condition. The fit and finish is impeccable.
    Ammo is hard to find and expensive when you do, but I have found that brass is easily formed from 8mm cases. I have harvested several deer and an elk with this gun.
    The upside of the '09 is that it is built on the classic '98 action. If I found one in good condition I would love to make it mine.

I have one of these, but cannot find where it tells the caliber.  What ammo should I be looking for?   That is unless, it has been rechambered and I have one of those also, but it shows 30-06 on the side of the barrel.
Thanks for any help.

    If yours is original equipment, and has not been rechambered/rebarreled, it should
eat 7.65x53mm Mauser, AKA Argentine, AKA Belgian. The only factory loads I have
found are, or were, made by Norma. I have been forming brass from 8x57 Mauser
brass in one step and trimming. Neck and shoulder annealing can help. Bores can
vary from .310 to .313 and should be checked. I have been running .311s through
mine with excellent results.

I am  happy  to have a sporterized 1909  Argentine Mauser.... 30.06  I have had it for 27 yrs. Timmney trigger is my only addition. (+  padded camo stock sleeve ..  to save the nice  50"s style cheek piece )
 Nicest gun I ever bought from a customer, when I was in the  Tavern Buisiness. Little heavy, with the figured Turkish Walnut ..high gloss , to imitate a Weatherby. I could go on ..... More stories in a later thread.

   Yippeee!! I found a beauty; clean stock, shiny bore, matching numbers everywhere!
   However, the parts that should be dark blue/black are a dull, flat gray that I have
never seen on an old Mauser. Looks like a cheap "parker". Can this be original? Really?
Say it ain't so.
   Any comments re:this finish or re-bluing will be appreciated. Thanks, Kirk


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