Author Topic: 1935 Peruvian Mauser Stripper Clips  (Read 4128 times)

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1935 Peruvian Mauser Stripper Clips
« on: February 15, 2016, 08:52:52 AM »
  Can anyone confirm if the 1935 Peruvian Mauser (in the original 7.65 X 53 mm caliber) used a special stripper clip that differed from the standard 7.65mm stripper clips.
  The standard "no lug" 7.65mm early or later style strippers pass right through the receiver bridge stripper slot, as they do not have any protrusions to wedge in the stripper slot recesses.
  This original condition rifle has a "tall" receiver bridge stripper clip slot with recesses for stripper lugs, but it does not have the long curved arm reaching up from the bolt stop to support the side of the stripper clip (as does the 1891 and 1909 Peruvian & Argentine rifles).