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new to forum.  Just received a m48a from one of the onlline gun shops.  Started cleaning cosmoline and realized it is a model b with several stamped parts. Their ad states they are A models with only the floor plate stamped and made 1953-56.  This is stamped model A but has several stamped parts.  Called them and they will refund my money but cannot exchange for a true A model because all they have are what they sent me.  They do no realize the differences.  I told them they should at least change their ad.  What should I do?   Return it for refund and find a real A or let it go?  The B models were made later.

From what you have said, this is a parts gun made from different sources and certainly not what you ordered.  If you are dissatisfied, it seems obvious that it should be returned for a refund.  Most firearms are sold with a 3 to 5 day non-firing inspection period for that very reason.

I guess i wasn't clear. The model B is supposed to be made with stamped parts.  I thought I was getting a model A with just one stamped part.  Their ad says the gun is an A but it really is a B.  Just don't know whether to get my money back and find a real model A.  Maybe I'm making too much of the stamped parts thing.  The gun does have matching numbers on stock, receiver, bolt and magazine floor plate. 

I have one. It shoots good


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