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Mitchell Mausers???


New here so bare with me...

So I'm looming at adding a Mauser to my collection. I missed the boat on Springfield 1903's and K98's and Gewehr 98's all seem to either be shot out, beat up, or way too much money for what they are. Still, I want a Mauser rifle and so I'm looking at the M48 before they dry up or the price jumps to 'WTF' rates. I'm looking at Mitchell's Mausers but I know they have a reputation for altering markings. That isn't really an issue for me as an M48 isn't something I'd get for historical significance the way I would a Gew 98 or a Springfield 1903. I'd use it for a range gun and a deer rifle. I mostly just want a quality and accurate military Mauser action, and Mitchell's Mausers are supposed to be as close to new as you can get.

For those of you with experince, what do you think of the M48 in general and Mitchell's Mausers rifles?


You can find a nice example at a fair price on Gunbroker.com. Please do not support a company like Mitchell's. What they do/have done to historic examples is fraud, from my perspective and they do not deserve anyone in this hobby's business nor their hard earned $.



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