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I have a Mauser 1909 action on a rifle rebarreled in .338 Win Mag and restocked.  The only problem I have is the floorplate latch is broken, and from what I understand they are long disappeared from the market.  If anyone knows what kind of remedy there is for this, I would be glad to hear it.  I was hoping that someone remanufactured replacement parts for the action, but have not found any.  Thanks for any info--

    Try  mauser-parts.com and click on "gun parts". Some new but most used.
It's like the garage-sale-from-heaven for parts. I just went there and saw a
"magazine latch and spring" offered for $5.95. That may or may not be what
you need, but it's worth a look. I have bought items a couple times through
that site and have been pleased with what I have found.
                                Happy hunting!

Thanks.  I checked and they didn't have what I need.  I also checked Hoosier Gun Works, among others, and none or the ones I checked had the part. It looks like an impossible part to find.  I wonder if there is another floorplate that would work as well that has all the parts needed.  I have found Mauser 1909 Argentine floorplates, but not with the latch included.  I tried to mend the broken part with JB Weld a few times, but it didn't hold.


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