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Removing Cosmoline from Yugo M48 Rifle


I've seen several methods of removing cosmoline from rifles on YouTube etc.  Kerosene, gasoline, simple green and hot water, etc.

One fellow bought a heat gun for about 20 bucks and melted everything away in a jiffy.  He just took the M48 apart applied the heat and in a few minutes all parts were clean.

Has anyone ever used this method? What are your comments as I need to clean the compline off my M48.

I bought a new M48 a few years ago that had gone straight from the factory to cosmoline.  It was a mess.  I used blue shop towels to wipe most of it away and then applied diesel fuel on a rag to get most of the rest.  You can use a heat gun, but be careful to keep it pretty far away so you don't mess up the bluing.  The stock was my biggest challenge.  I used simple green, but the best thing was to spread a thick layer of newspapers on our outdoor table and then let the stock soak up the sun, which melted the cosmoline as it got hot.

Good luck!

I just removed it from my M48A, the stock cap was glued to the stock.. A heat gun for 5mins did the trick.. The rest I used mineral oil..

5inch metal ductwork tube (longer than the rifle).  Put stock in there put heat gun on the end of the tube and blow for 20 min or so, stuff will ooze out.  Wipe and repeat, not too close to the gun or stock gets browned! 


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