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Dear Fellow Collectors,
If you have a Mauser Parabellum pistol made after 1970, you will be probably interested in receiving a certificate.
Some of the original Mauser Parabellum production books are still available and this allows verification of when your pistol was produced, tested and delivered. Almost 95% of the Mauser Parabellum production in .30 Luger is documented in the ledgers and this is very good news for all the owners of the Mauser Parabellum in this calibre. The production of the Parabellum in .30 Luger is very limited (around 5000 pistols) making it a rare collectible when compared with 9mm Luger calibre pistols. Unfortunately, only a few hundred 9mm Mauser Parabellum pistols are documented in the ledger so documenting and tracking this model will be more difficult.
Some ledgers are also available for commemoratives as well as sport models.
This is a unique aspect of Post WW-II Mauser Parabellum production. In fact, these are the only Luger variations from any manufacturer for which the production books are even partially available.
Based upon this, I have decided to provide collectors with a useful certification service. If it is possible to track your Parabellum in the production books, you can receive a high quality certificate. It is a very nice document to associate with your Mauser Parabellum. Together with the certificate, you receive also a nice document containing high quality copies of some original Mauser Parabellum blue prints.
The cost for this service is $50  per certificate. There are no costs for verification in the ledgers, only for creating and delivering the certificate when your pistol is found in the factory documentation.
You can also ask for specific research in the archive.
Contact me via Email and provide the full serial number of your pistol:  mauser.archive@gmail.com
Visit also www.lugerlp08.com to see samples of the certificate and blue print document.
Best Regards,

Mauro Baudino
Mauser Company and Firearms Historian

Please note that the same service is possible for:

HSc pistol in .32 caliber manufactured between 1968 and 1971. The production data on the first ca. 7000 pistols in .32 have survived. No data on .380 and post-1971 production has surfaced thusfar.

Dear All,
I would like to remind the certification services described in the previous posts.

More information here: http://www.lugerlp08.com/mauser%20parabellum%20certification.htm




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