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Mauser 1934 firing pin not disengaging trigger bar

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I purchased a Mauser 1934 that was reported to be mechanically functioning.  Unfortunately the firing pin is not disengaging from the trigger bar, allowing it to move forward to strike the primer.   The trigger clicks, the bar moves downward, but the firing pin doesn't disengage from the bar.  The is experienced with the pistol disassembled and the same functions are noted when it is assembled.

I tried to down load a video of the action, and so far has not downloaded successfully (so I took photos of specific parts).  If it doesn't, I can send it as an attachment in an email to help others see what I am experiencing (I have the pistol disassembled to show the moving parts (as long as this is allowed in this forum)

The seller has agreed to take it back, But I like the pistol and wish to see if I can resolve the problem and get it back into working order.  I am familiar with full disassembly, replacing springs (have a spring packet from Wolf Springs, but these did not resolve the issue, so replaced the original springs), appropriately lubricating and re-assembly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks Steve


I appreciate your situation. Unfortunately diagnosing mechanical issues via e-mail or forum is extremely difficult if not impossible. If you fit the parts and it still does not function the seller would be justified to not accept a return. If it is properly assembled, the parts move as they should and the striker fails to release, the most likely reason is that the striker was replaced but not fitted to the trigger bar or vise verse. A knowledgeable gunsmith should be able to fit the parts but that is something that I would not attempt to explain how to do via a forum.



Thanks B Mason,

No worries.  Understand diagnosing over forum is challenging at best;  just appreciating a little guidance on where to look next as to possible issues others may have had with this particular pistol.

 Once the pistol did not fire at the range, i called the seller to see what he wanted to do (before opening it up, especially given that it was sold as a working pistol).  He offered the option of sending it back right then, or opening it up, cleaning it (he recommended just using some "WD-40 to loosen up the parts; thats what these old guns need sometimes") and if still doesnt work then send it back.   

I really like the pistol and its history, so am trying to get it working as a functional pistol.  I collect them but also fire them at the range (history held in the hand and used, as well as admired in the case or on the shelf)

Ive worked with period C96, and WWII P38, P08 Luger, HSc, and PPK's, and comfotable with these.   All challenginging pistols in their own rights in getting them functioning properly (usually spring or part issues) But this Mauser 1934 has a striker fire system that has posed a different type of challenge.   

My main thought, as you noted as a possibility, is whether parts were replaced (or possibly not matching to the pistol; 1914 or 1910 placed in this 1934).   

As you might have experienced, many gunsmiths are not familiar with these vintage pistols, and most times i send one in, they come back with more problems than when i started (i currently have had a PPK in 3 times and still not fixed properly).   Im not dinging the gunsmith, just explaining my experience and the challenges with these C&R's. People who relish in their complexity and simplicity are truely a much better source of information.

If you know of a good Mauser specialist around Portland Oregon that would be great.  I will look at the trigger bar/ striker relationship. 

Much appreciated

Follow up:  Problem Solved!

I did find a gentleman out in the country who has been a gunsmith for the last 40+ yrs.  He loved the opportunity to check out this pistol (he has worked on many Mauser's but never a Mauser 1934) and was willing to problem solve with me.  We worked on it for about an hour, taking it apart and putting it back together, making sure that all the parts were original and functioning. 

In short, this turned out to be a worn magazine lip (or possibly the ejector/hold open catch maybe worn down). Pushing up on the magazine firmly into the magazine well, while pulling the trigger, actuated the trigger bar and released the striker consistently.   

Although this magazine looks to be in good condition, the upper lip does demonstrate wear on right side back corner where the magazine engages the hold open catch (see Photos).

QUESTION:  In order to make sure that it is a magazine issue, and not the hold open catch, I need to acquire a magazine without wear on the lips.  I have looked online and most of the WWII era mags look worn.   Are there any good after market brands or stores that anyone knows to purchase a Magazine?

Also, I hope this may help someone in the future that may have similar issue. 

Thanks, Steve

the two other photos:


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