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Just bought an Argentine 1891


I bought it at a country gun show its my first Mauser and I'm very please with it.

I'm no expert but I would consider the general condition 'good' It even has the Argentine crest !
Made by Loewe and Co it is serial number A3521 so it should have been made in 1891.

I do have a question about the bolt, it fits as far as the extractor but then a 'tongue' on the same side as the straight handle
has no where to slide into and that's as far as it goes. The serial number on the bolt is F1580. The dealer I bought the gun from admitted to me it was the incorrect bolt and I have found an on-line supplier of the correct item so that isn't a major problem.
I would really like to know what rifle the bolt may be from. Its definitely a Mauser, complete with MB proof stamp but did the action change so much between A & F numbers?

I'll answer my own question. From what I can tell looking at all and any Mauser info on interweb the bolt is from a K98.


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