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Mauser personnel question

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Who was the General Manager of Mauser from 1933 to 1938?  He was based in Obendorf. 

That would be Dr. Dörge.

Fellow directors were Ott-Helmut von Lossnitzer and Hermann Zillinger.


Thank you.  I have a 357 page draft book that was written by him.  However, I am half-way through reading the draft and cannot find him name mentioned as he is writing in first person and does not give his name. 

I just checked the last chapter and find that the author is Mr. Lossanitzer as he provides background details of the author of the book.  Many thanks for your information.  I'm an ordnance marketing guy who formerly worked in the McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company and the information about weapon design is most interesting that is put forth by the author.  All the best, Kirk

Ott-Helmut von Lossnitzer was given the option to move to the US in 1945 under Project Paperclip. He worked in the US until his retirement. A cheecky nazi who switched sides to save his ass :)

That is quite a name. 



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