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Does anyone know if the argentine 1891 carbine bolt (bent handle) will fit the standard 1891 rifle receiver (straight bolt) and if it can are all the internal parts the same? 

From all I have read it is exactly the same except for the bent handle with all the same internals.

I've been looking for one for some time so if you have a spare please let me know.

Don't forget you will need to have a gunsmith headspace any new bolt you fit.

Good luck,


Thanks for the information.  I have purchased a carbine bolt from Liberty tree gun parts.  It is an exact fit and the internal parts from my old bolt fit perfectly.  I did purchase a seperate extractor rather than try to remove the old one.
The bolt handle still does not allow enough clearance for a scope however and will still need to be reshaped if this is
your intention.  It does however improve the appearance (IMO)  Now on to a flush magazine.  Going to try an 1895 assembly.  will post how that works out.  Another source for parts  is SSporters.com

Glad you were able to get something sorted.

Unfortunately I am in Australia and importing gun parts from the US is a nightmare.
Even if I can physically do it the paperwork alone costs about $400.
I keep trolling the local gun shows in the hope of finding something.

All the best,



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