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Now Available: "The Mauser HSc Pistol"

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We are offering for sale copies of our comprehensive research into the Mauser HSc pistol. The booklet is approximately 75 pages in 8½” x 11” format. It includes more than 100 grey scale illustrations and charts.

 Pistol Development
 Production HSc Features
 (Including Parts List and Disassembly)
 Proof Marks
 Acceptance Marks
 Serial Numbering
 Mark Locator
 The War Years
 Post-War Production
 The New Model HSc
 Mark Locator
 Serial Number Chart (I)
 Wartime Production Chart (II)
 Variation Charts (III)
 (With Still’s “Axis Pistols” Variations)
 Patent Listing (IV)
 KM Inspection Offices (V)
 Firearms Glossary (VI)
 Reference Notes

To purchase a copy in the U.S., go to www.legacy-collectibles.com or send payment to Legacy Collectibles, 73 Plank Avenue, Paoli, PA 19301. Email questions to info@legacy-collectibles.com. Price per copy is $50.

European collectors can contact Gerben van Vlimmeren at theparabellumisback@kpnmail.nl for purchase details in Europe.

Wery good, i will try to get one from Holland...


I had the pleasure of proof reading the 2 versions, and this is the most complete book on the HSc pistols at the moment. We were able to provide some information from Mauser to an already complete booklet, so that the majority of the current knowledge on the HSc pistols is finally gathered in one place: This book.

And at this price, it's a steal!
I am delighted that I am able to offer the books in Europe. These are soft cover bound books and can be sent as registered letter, so shipping is more affordable.

are you the contact in europe? (theparabellumisback)?

I have sent email, hasent got any answer...

Best regards
Asle K. Bø

Hi, I've been on the road for work a couple of days. You should have a reply by now.


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