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GEW 98 Rifle / Mauser 98 standard modell
« on: April 24, 2016, 02:39:01 PM »
I just got a Mauser 98 standard modell and I don't know what the marking mean, the value, and the date it was made. the rifle is in very good condition with 95-97% of it's bluing it is all matching except for 5 parts ( cocking piece has an 80 on it, extractor has an 81, safety has an 82, bolt shroud has a 61, and cleaning rod has a 57 on it) but the bolt itself is matching and has an N in a circle and  the letter L wth an 8 beside it on the bottom of the bolt handle And it has a straight bolt handle. The serial number is B57726 above the serial number B G U N and they all have crowns above them on the left side of the receiver it also says standard modell and on top it has the Mauser banner. On the bottom of the barrel back right in front of the receiver there is B G U N with crowns above them and there is also Do192 as well. The stock is walnut with finger groves in it, a flat metal butt plate and a sling swivel just behind the the grip. The stock has no markings on it. The hand guard on the inside of it has JM and what looks to be an R with the number 4 after the letters and it's all written in pencil. Any help would be appreciated.

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