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Sorry for the delay in email had this in the junk folder.

The broomhandle has some internal non-matching numbers but it has a good bright bore which is uncommon. It is a good, tight shooter and it also provides an opportunity to educate those who have never held or shot one when I take it to a range or event. Its a prewar commercial that dates to 1913-1915. I swapped out the original grips with these black rubber repos I had simply because I like the looks of them on the gun.

I had the Bolo rebored to 9mm about 30 something years ago and both are reliable shooters. I collected many internal parts for these weapons starting three decades ago to insure I would be able to keep them running for years to come. The Bolo dates to around 1921-1923.
I had a P08 DWM Luger many moons ago and I am starting to get luger fever again, so I am starting to look for a P06 or P08 in decent shootable (or rebuildable) condition.

When I was a kid in the sixties, my Dad was constantly trading on things and one of the things he traded was guns. One of my responsibilities as a kid was to clean the guns and for some reason I feel in love with the Broomhandle more than any other pistol I handled. Over the decades I have probably owned more than a dozen, especially in the early nineties when you could find bargain bins of them at gun shows for $99 apiece. Most of the guns I owned were shooters with non matching numbers and the ones I still own are among that lot...a nice tight reblued 30 mauser and a bolo I had rebored to 9mm 30 years ago.

50+ years down the road from the time I 1st laid eyes on one, the C96 is still my favorite handgun of all times...after all, even Hans Solo owned one.

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