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Yugo 48 Rifle / Re: Removing Cosmoline from Yugo M48 Rifle
« on: November 28, 2018, 11:19:59 AM »
5inch metal ductwork tube (longer than the rifle).  Put stock in there put heat gun on the end of the tube and blow for 20 min or so, stuff will ooze out.  Wipe and repeat, not too close to the gun or stock gets browned! 

I just did the same thing with my interarms HSC, got springs from Wolf, still jams but less often.

Took it apart, how can you tell is the spring needs replaced it all looks good inside.
Mag is Mauser marked .

I dont have another magazine to try.  Thanks for the link, maybe i should just get them.

I took it out shooting over the weekend, jammed about every 3 shots, I had some winchester 380 ammo.

Anyone know the year of my Mauser HSC
says D1 5439 on the side.

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