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Model 1914 Pistol / Help with a 1914 Pistol
« on: March 22, 2024, 02:50:08 PM »
I have what appears to me to be a war time 1914 pistol in .32acp.  I don't know much about Mauser Pistols but I am growing to really like them.  I just purchased a WTP 1 to go with my WTP 2.  My 1914 has Crown over a U on top of the slide as well as another mark that I'm not sure of.  It has has a Prussian Eagle on the trigger guard.  Serial Number is 175431.  It  appears to be in very good shape and the numbers match with the exception of the disonnector.  My problem is that it doesn't strike the primer when I cock it and pull the trigger.  I put new springs in it and it's still not working properly.  I've cleaned it inside and out and oiled it so I'm not sure where to look next.

Thanks for reading and any help you can provide!

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